Introductions etc

I remember my youngest sister calling me ‘jenmum’ during some of our games when we were young. My son may develop his own names for me in time but, at four months, I’ve no idea what they may be. So jenmum, and my childhood memory of a three or four year old saying it to me, will have to do for now.

This blog is a new idea for me and I wonder how much I’ll use it. I’m fortunate enough to have a years maternity leave (seven months left and counting…) and I’d love to have a record of it at the end. Not sure if I’ll write about my son, my thoughts on being a mum, parenting ideas or just rail at the latest article in the Daily Mail. We’ll have to see…

So about me. I’m a 32 year old first time mum and live with my partner and son near Bristol. Our son was born at home in Jan 2010 and is the sweetest, smiliest, loveliest boy – I feel totally blessed. I work in the voluntary sector (currently on maternity leave) and am doing a post-grad distance learning course (no maternity leave allowed, sadly.) I like knitting/crochet, chocolate and yoga. I’m into women’s issues, green issues and left/liberal politics.


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One Response to “Introductions etc”

  1. baj4life Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to reading more.

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