Sleep limbo land

My son has gone down for a nap.
He’s stirring slightly, not crying just making little baby sleepy noises.
I’m in limbo, will he wake or go back to sleep.
Can’t do anything right now.
Just listen to the baby monitor.
He’s quiet.
Then as 30 seconds pass he’s stirring again.
This time can feel dreadful.
I’m grouchy with those with me, can’t speak or listen to anything.
Unsure if I’ll have to go help settle him, feed him, get him up.
He needs a snooze and I need time for my dinner or to work.
At least this helps me value my time when he sleeps.
Like an exquisite torture.
What things will I do while he sleeps?
So many ideas all seem so appealing.
A cry.
He’s awake.
Up I go…


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One Response to “Sleep limbo land”

  1. jenmum Says:

    Feel a bit embarrassed about this as I wrote it really quickly whist my son was stirring. Think it looks like crap poetry, when I wasn’t intending for it to be a poem at all, it’s just my random thoughts. So please accept my excuses now, thanks!!

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