Birth plan

I thought that in tandem with my birth story it might be helpful to post up my birth plan. I certainly found it useful to look at example plans and they gave me lots of ideas for what to include.

Birth Plan

I hope to have a home birth and would like to aim for a natural active birth where possible. I hope that my partner will be able to be with me throughout.

The labour

  • I would like to remain active and use whatever position I find comfortable. Please encourage me to stay off my back.
  • I have a birth pool and will use it if it helps me. I intend to use the pool for the later first stage of labour, but will decide whether to use it for the second stage on the day.
  • I hope to use a TENS machine from early on, alongside breathing, movement, massage and heat packs, then progress to gas and air and the birthing pool if I feel I need them.
  • Please do not offer pain relieving drugs unless I ask for them.
  • I welcome your suggestions for changes of position or movements which may help if labour is not progressing well or the baby is poorly positioned.
  • I would like to minimise internal examinations if possible. I would rather not be told how dilated I am, as if I am not very far along I feel this would be discouraging information. *
  • Please do not offer to break my waters, and please be very careful to avoid doing so during any internal examinations.

 The birth

  • I would like to minimize internal examinations but would appreciate you letting me know if you think I may be in transition or might be ready to begin pushing my baby out.
  • I would like to give birth in an upright, kneeling, supported squatting or all-fours position if possible. If I need to lie down please encourage me to lie on my side instead of my back.
  • When my baby is born please pass him straight to me. If this is not possible please pass him straight to my partner.
  • I would like to avoid perineal damage if possible and would appreciate your guidance in giving birth gently to accomplish this. I would rather tear naturally than have an episiotomy.

 Third stage

  • I would prefer to delay cord clamping and cutting until the cord has stopped pulsating. Please offer my partner the opportunity to cut the cord if possible.
  • I will decide at the time whether to have a natural third stage or not. If I do decide to have the injection, I would like to delay this until after the cord has stopped pulsating and has been cut.

 Post natal

  • I would like to maximize skin-to-skin contact with the baby immediately after birth.
  • I would like to breastfeed my baby as soon as possible after the birth
  • Please administer an injection of Vitamin K after the birth
  • I would prefer to avoid having stitches if possible, so if you think any tear will heal of its own accord, without stitiches, please let me know.

 Should I need to transfer to hospital:

  • If transfer by ambulance becomes necessary, it is very important to me to have my partner with me if at all possible.
  • If the baby or I need monitoring or drips, I would prefer to be able to continue to be mobile.
  • Please do not offer pain relieving drugs unless I ask for them.
  • If a caesarean section becomes necessary, I would prefer to remain awake. I would like my partner to stay with me at all times and would like to breastfeed the baby as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and support during this experience. I value your knowledge and expertise and appreciate that you have only our best interests at heart.

* In my original plan I included that I did not want to know how dilated I was. I crossed this out a few days before the birth as I decided to did want the information. In the event I had one VE, at my request, and was keen to know the result.

There are many aspects of the plan that did not come to pass in the actual birth (read about it here). However I am glad I did do a plan as it helped me to clarify my preferences and I feel that the midwives were very respectful of my wishes and did follow it as much as possible.


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