In praise of… breastfeeding

It’s right at the very end of 2010’s Breastfeeding Awareness Week, so I thought I’d do a quick post in praise of breastfeeding.

I had always thought I would breastfeed even though I found it really hard to imagine actually doing it. I couldn’t imagine what having a baby suckling might feel like and the thought of holding my baby to me to latch on seemed very alien. Fortunately I had two very supportive midwives who encouraged me to feed within an hour of birth. At first it felt odd and I wasn’t sure if he was even sucking. It only lasted about 30 seconds. But the midwives were patient and encouraging and one stayed with us for another hour (despite it being 2am and her having a morning shift) to help me with a second attempt. She showed me a different hold which seemed to suit us better and we tried again. I felt more confident after this second go and things slowly but surely fell into place from there.

I’m so pleased that I can and do breastfeed. It’s such a lovely, snuggly, cuddly thing to do with my baby. It was very tough the first few weeks as Bub fed frequently and lengthily around the clock. But now we both have the hang of it, more or less, and it’s so convenient, quick and instinctive. When he’s hungry we feed. No mess or fuss. No planning or preparation. With the added bonus that it often helps him wind down when he’s tired too.

Some online resources I found helpful (and still do) whilst BF:

  • Babycentre Good introductory stuff, very helpful in the early days
  • Kellymom Evidence based, pro-BF website, still my first port of call for anything BF related
  • La Leche League Useful online info, plus a free telephone helpline
  • Dr Sears How could I miss good old Dr Sears off any list?

And some books that I’ve really enjoyed:


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