Walk – jog – walk – jog – walk – run (collapse?)

I expect a body like this in 10 weeks or I'm suing...

I expect a body like this in 10 weeks or I'm suing...

Now I’m five months post-natal I am running out of excuses not to at least begin to try to get fit. I’ve restarted yoga classes and absolutely loved my first class last week. But that alone isn’t really going to tackle the extra two stone I’ve gained since getting pregnant. And neither are the donuts, chocolate, bread, etc etc. So time for more drastic action…

I’ve been inspired by Muddling Along Mummy to take up running. According to her post she has gone from a standing start to being able to run for 30 minutes in 9 weeks using the Couch to 5K programme.

I mentioned this feat to my partner, and said I’d considered doing it. He was really enthusiastic and said he’d help however he could. A bit too enthusiastic for my liking which made me think that maybe my extra love handles really could do with a bit of a workout. He works nights and when he offered to get up early and look after Bub for half an hour three times a week I really couldn’t refuse.

We are on holiday for most of this week so I’m giving myself a week’s grace and starting next week. Feeling a bit apprehensive as haven’t done much exercise beyond yoga for a few years. But I need to do something to shift the extra weight and like the idea of the flexibility of running. I’ll let you know how I get on….

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5 Responses to “Walk – jog – walk – jog – walk – run (collapse?)”

  1. Body Workout 101 Says:

    Walk ? jog ? walk ? jog ? walk ? run (collapse?)…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Muddling Along Mummy Says:

    Good luck! I was amazed it worked. The first runs were more of a shuffle, stagger, wheeze but the programme seems to know how to push you!

    Will watch with interest how you do -have you decided on what you’ll reward yourself with if you do it?

    • jenmum Says:

      Oooh, a reward. Good idea. Haven’t got one yet – will perhaps save thoughts of that till the middle of my first session when I’m feeling hot, tired and unfit! Thanks for the good wishes, will keep you updated. Thanks too for the inspiration (well, I say this now…)

  3. jenmum Says:

    Well, day one was Monday and it all went pretty well. Think the initial level is very well graded to someone who’s not exercised for a long while – only tough bit was a hilly section of my run which was kinda tiring. Bub’s daddy also got an easy start as Bub slept through his babysitting time. Next run tomorrow (hope the rain stops!)

  4. Graduated from c25k. Woop!! « Don't wake the baby! Says:

    […] two miles is much further than I’d ever have guessed I could do. I first tried c25k about a year ago but struggled. Partly this was due to being in a hilly and very rural area that was quite a […]

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