Baby led weaning – first tastes

We are hoping to do baby led weaning with Bub. This means waiting till he’s six months before we start. However he’s now five and a half months and is showing a lot more curiosity about the world and what we are doing. So we’ve been struggling to resist giving him a few first tastes.

First taste orangeHis very first taste of a food was a bit of orange from my partner’s soft drink. And there was me thinking that I’d be an only-the-best-organic-foods-for-my-poppet kind of mum… I don’t think he swallowed any of it but he did enjoy giving it a good old suck. So probably his first food is technically lemonade and orange juice – hang your head in shame mummy!

His second taste was a bit of mashed swede taken from my plate during a meal on our holiday. He only had a tiny bit and I don’t think he was too impressed. Probably won’t become a firm favourite.

First tastes tomatoThe other thing we’ve given him was a quarter of tomato from a salad. He really seemed to enjoy this and gave it a good old suck and probaby took in quite a bit of the juice and pips. By the look of it juicy veggies you can easily hold seem to be a good place to start so we’ll introduce a few more of these over the next few weeks.

We’re starting BLW properly on 26th July (his six month birthday). One thing that really appealed about it is that your baby shares your (healthy) food. I’m hoping that this will give me a really great incentive to improve my cooking for all of us. I used to make lots of meals from scratch and use lots of veggies etc but I kind of got a bit lazy in pregnancy and this got worse once Bub arrived. I think it’s going to take a bit of prior planning to ensure that we can all eat well, especially for daytime foods when I’m busy looking after him. I think planning and doing lots of preparing in the evening will be the way to go. At least I get to enjoy the benefits of the good food too and won’t be slaving over a hot baby food masher.

Anyone tried baby led weaning? Any hints or tips for a newbie?


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8 Responses to “Baby led weaning – first tastes”

  1. mummylimited Says:

    This is exactly how we started. Little tastes at about five and a half months. I also had him in his pushchair whenever I ate, just watching or maybe chewing on a spoon.

    Mini Mck is now 15 mo and I’ve loved blw, although it needs some patience. I blogged about keeping going when you get a bit fed up with it here:

    I also have some great finger food recipes on the blog, all tagged under Finger Food Friday.

    Give me a shout if you want to chat more about it.

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  3. baj4life Says:

    We are also doing baby-led solids. Although my son, at nearly 12 months old is really taking his time with getting into solids. He really doesn’t care for them at all. Luckily, I am a patient mama.

    • jenmum Says:

      Thanks. Good to know some babies don’t neccessarily take to it that quickly. There seems a lot of pressure to get babes to take in lots of solid food so soon after starting. Will be keeping an eye on his weight and hopefully that will be enough to reassure me and others.

      • baj4life Says:

        Just remember that after six months babies tend to slow down their weight gain, particularly as they become more mobile. As long as you’re still breastfeeding, solids are just complementary since breastmilk is the main nutritional source.

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