Sleeping like a baby

Yes, I am tired. And yes, my six month old son is still waking at night. Usually between two and five times, since you ask. And no, I don’t think this is a problem. It’s not an issue – I’m sure it’s just normal. Of course i’d like it if he and I slept longer. And I’d also like to feel like i’m not the only one. I’m sure it only feels like every other mum’s baby sleeps for twelve or thirteen hour stretches. I expect those who are still being woken, like me, just don’t bang on about it. Too busy yawning and trying to think straight I guess.

So that’s us. Still waking at night. Still normal. Sleeping like a baby. Thanks for asking.


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  1. Ten weeks old and feeding to sleep all the time | Don't wake the baby! Says:

    […] five months we moved to feeding to sleep. Which was beautiful and snuggly. Until he started to wake hourly (yes, hourly!) all night in search of the breast. At about seven months I was a sleep deprived […]

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