Formula first

Have decided to start to give Bub a bottle of formula before bed. My cyclical low milk supply issues have returned with a vengence and my milk supply seems to have dropped off a cliff. Given that Bub is a bit of a reverse cycler (night feeder) this has made my last few evenings and nights pretty awful.

He’s always refused a bottle taking at most about 1 oz of expressed milk after a big struggle. However his granny is here at the moment and she’s a bit of a star when it comes to getting reluctant babes to do her bidding. We had no joy with the Tommy Tippee bottles and the Breast Flow one we were recommended just seemed to annoy him. But the Medala bottles appear to have passed the test. He had 4 oz last night and tonight took a whopping 8 oz of Hipp organic hungry milk. He still wanted a bit of breast milk to top him off and help him get to sleep, which was totally fine by me. But it meant he wasn’t sucking fruitlessly for hours, dropping off and waking up, and getting increasingly frustrated. He was asleep by 8pm for the first time in months.

Feel a bit sad that I’m no longer exclusively breastfeeding. But I made it to six months, which I really wanted to do. And now he’s having solids too it doesn’t feel such a big step. My intention is to continue to breastfeed for all other feeds if I can. I just hope that my supply can cope with this and that one bottle of supplementation a day won’t impact on my ability to do other feeds.

I’m feeling pretty positive tonight, as my baby sleeps above me. I really want to focus on how good it has been to feed Bub for the first six months of his life and how I hope this can continue for a few months yet. It does feel a bit sad to no longer be exclusively feeding but I want to focus on the positive and how glad I am to have been able to do what I have done. I’m happy my body could do this, despite my wayward hormones, and am keen to celebrate this today as we move onto a new stage in Bub’s life.
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4 Responses to “Formula first”

  1. ebabeelikes Says:

    Getting to 6 months is fantastic. Well done.

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    […] two weeks ago we started to give Bub a bottle of formula before bed. My poor supply wasn’t improving and I was finding it exhausting to feed for so long every […]

  3. My name is Jenny… and my son is (slightly less of) a feed-to-sleep addict « Jenmum's adventures in parenting Says:

    […] Offering formula was a response to my low milk supply, which was worsening as he got older. I still offer a breastfeed, after the bottle. The consequence was that our bedtime routine stopped taking two or three hours and Bub went to bed, full and satisfied, at a regular time. It also reassured me that when he woke 45 minutes later and wanted milk that it was his sleep association talking, not hunger. […]

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    […] to feel confident he is well fed. I’d love to introduce a bottle of formula for bedtime. But (like his brother) he is being very resistant at the moment. But we’ll keep offering and hopefully one day soon […]

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