BLW wobble

Been finding solid foods a bit of a struggle recently. Seems to be neverending – prepare food, eat with baby, clean up (my god, the cleaning….), change everyone’s clothes, etc. Then it’s time for milk, or a nap, or a nappy change, or whatever. Totally exhausting.

Part of my problem is that whilst ‘baby eats what you’re eating’ is lovely in theory, it just doesn’t seem to play out in practice. We eat our evening meal quite late so that’s not really open to sharing. And lunch just seems so fraught and busy. Before we started BLW I would just have something quick and snacky, usually involving bread or pasta. But now I’m trying to think about us both the old options don’t seem to be appropriate. I often end up steaming some veg for Bub and having something else myself (somehow a plate of veg seems pretty unappetising.) And then he eats about half a mouthful. And then it’s onto the cleaning….

We started doing breakfast last week, which I think on reflection was a bit of a mistake. Bub does enjoy his porridge or weetabix but the step up to three meals a day was just one step too far for me. He still likes to have milk on waking and then again before his morning nap so I’ve decided to drop this meal for a few weeks till we get more comfortable with the other two meals.

I must admit I feel a little envious sometimes of the mum’s who are doing purees. Although I’m sure there is quite a time commitment to preparing them at least in the day you can just grab something and go. We have tried a few of the commercial foods and Bub does seem to like them, either on a loaded spoon, on toast or as a dip.

But don’t want this to be a totally negative post. I must admit I felt great pride when I watched Bub demolish a plum whilst out with some mum-friends. He absolutely adores them and would eat only plums I’m sure if he had the chance. His evident enjoyment of various fruits is really nice to see. Now if only we both shared the same enthusiasm for veggies!

Have read quite a few blog posts about baby led weaning, almost all of which seem to be universally positive. Well, perhaps this is just a dip but it feels a bit of a grind right now. Any advice out their from experienced BLWers? Is it common to feel a bit of a lull and a bit overwhelmed? Thanks.


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5 Responses to “BLW wobble”

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  2. Sentient Sage Says:

    As a fellow BLW mama, (dd 11.5 mnths) for me the short answer is yes, I’m sure that it is a common feeling, I’ve felt it and it only makess sense to. Humans are social beings who are generally thought to thrive in social and supportive environments. There isn’t much support for BLW and it is not commonly found within your close family members or even circle of friends. They may not necessarily be nay saying it, offering you advice, or offering your baby food (which happens A LOT!) but they aren’t the like-minded, story sharing parents that would be truly welcomed. That said, I’ve actually turned my advice into a post on my own blog, and I’ve linked to yours in referral, I just had so much to say, hope you can make it over there

  3. existere Says:

    How old is your baby? I wanted to die at furst with the constant food making cycle – with twins to boot. Hang in there. It soon becomes normal.

    Also, bread and pasta are fine! We have sandwiches, wraps, tortelini – no reason you guys can’t.

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