Knit-tastic : a few more baby knits

Matelot sweaterPrior to Bub’s birth I went knit and crochet crazy and made loads of things not just for him but for our pregnant friends too. I’ve been a bit lax about showcasing this stuff so here are a selection of my favourite baby knits.

This (left) is Bub aged about two months and modelling the very first item I knitted for him. This is the Matelot Sweater from the third little Sublime hand knit book. It was made from Sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk. I began knitting this when I was about six weeks pregnant. I had meant to wait longer but just couldn’t help myself. It’s in turquise and pale blue with a bright pink trim – perfect for a little boy or a little girl.

Henry Tank from third Sublime hand knit bookBub (right) is looking a bit startled to be wearing this stylish tank top. This is the Henry Tank, also from the third little Sublime hand knit book. I cheated with this and didn’t use the suggested baby cashmere merino silk dk but instead used some 4ply cheap wool that I picked up from a supermarket. My wallet couldn’t keep up with my knitting at this point so something had to give. It still worked up really well and fitted fine and the wool cost me about 12p so definitely worth it in my opinion.

Bub's very first sleepDuring my pregnancy I did lots of travel for work so spent many hours on trains. I love to knit on the train whilst listening to my iPod. Great fun (and if you use round needles you don’t end up taking out the eye of the person next to you either!) I found it a pain to cart round pattern books, changes of wool, scissors, needles etc. So I started to make a whole load of blankets, really basic things that I didn’t need a pattern for and could just knit or crochet away at on the train without needing to think. One of my favourites was the alpaca heart blanket from natural crochet for babies and toddlers. Again I cheated and didn’t use alpaca but the supermarket 4ply. But it still came out great (left). Once I’d made one square I could just churn them out again and again without much thinking required. Result!

unfinished wool hooded cardiganAnd finally, my item of shame. This should be the gorgeous wool hooded cardigan from natural crochet for babies and toddlers. A gem of a find as there are so few nice crochetted clothes out there for babies. I even began this using the proper wool (Sirdar eco wool DK). My poor partner made the mistake of asking what I wanted for my birthday last year and I said I wanted the wool for this item. The poor bloke trekked around Bristol for most of the day, on and off several buses, to find me this wool. And here it is (right), about three inches of the back crochetted. It wasn’t that I didn’t try. I did. Repeatedly. It was just so blooming hard. I must have restarted that piece about eight times and still ended up in a muddle. But fortunately the book sizes up to 18 months so I’ve at least a year to restart it again and finish it. And send my bloke out for an extra few balls of wool for the increased size. Well, actually, on second thoughts, perhaps I’d better get that wool myself….


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