Grrr…. bad breastfeeding advice

I’m feeling pretty cross about some awful advice given BY A MIDWIFE to a newly breastfeeding mum.

Little babe is only four days old. He was unusually big at birth (11 pounds). His mum is keen to breastfeed and has been enjoying the experience so far. She is positive and wishes to continue to exclusively breastfeed.

Midwife comes over and weighs babe. He’s lost 13% of his birth weight, quite a bit more than expected but hey, he’s a big lad and is still well over 9 pounds.

Midwife’s first and only bit of advice to the breastfeeding mum? Get some bottles and some formula to supplement your milk.

Her FIRST advice!!!

Nothing about increasing the frequency of feeds, looking at latch, ongoing monitoring, nothing. Just to give formula. Like that’s going to help boost mum’s supply and nurture their fledgeling nursing relationship.

Arghhh! This makes me mad.

Result was a desperately upset mum and a dad rushing out to get bottles.

Fortunately they’ve agreed to follow their gut feelings and hold off on the supplementation and see what happens.

I was sooo mad when I heard this story. Like breastfeeding a newborn isn’t tough enough without ‘helpful’ suggestions like this from people and organisations that claim to support breastfeeding.


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4 Responses to “Grrr…. bad breastfeeding advice”

  1. Baby buggy boat Says:

    This is terrible! My baby girl lost 13% of her birth weight in the first five days, luckily I had a brilliant midwife who told me to wake her more regularly to feed and she would be monitored. My daughter gained nearly 1lb a week after that and thrived on pure breast milk! Tell them to hang on in there.

  2. existere Says:

    Minee both lost more than 15%, and this was the first advice we were given as well. 😦

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