The reds choose Ed

Well done Ed Miliband. Am really glad to see him become leader of the Labour party over his brother David. Hopefully he’ll be able to take the party over to a more centre-left position and provide some strong opposition to the Coalition and the cuts ahead.

Another reason why I’m glad Ed has been elected is because he’s a family man – but an unmarried one. As someone who’s in a strong relationship, with a child, but who has no interest in marriage, I think this is really good news. The more that this situation, so common across the country, is reflected in those with a high profile, the better. I’m sick of the pro-marriage messages that come out of government ministers sometimes. And the stereotypes of unmarried parents. In my opinion it’s not the marriage that’s important it’s the strength of the relationship. At least with Ed in charge Labour hopefully won’t support the Tory’s regressive proposals for a married man’s tax allowance. Even if Ed is advised to get married before the next election it’s great that he’s got so far without feeling the need to conform.

I’m sure it’ll be some time before we know what Ed really thinks on the key issues and whether he can offer the leadership to the party that it needs. But for now I’m really pleased that he’s won and am looking forward to seeing how he does.

What do you think of Labour’s new choice? And does the marital status of our politicians matter?


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One Response to “The reds choose Ed”

  1. Paul Says:

    “does the marital status of our politicians matter?”

    It shouldn’t, but given the increasing media obsession with the ‘celebrity’ it (sadly) probably will.

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