Feel like this baby led weaning malarky is falling into place a bit now. Bub’s having three meals a day and it’s definitely becoming more manageable. I’ve now got my head around our new routine and am able to fit in time to prepare his food that doesn’t seem too overwhelming. Gosh I’m even eating a little better myself.

Breakfast is generally porridge (the formula stuff) or weetabix together with lots of fruit. He tried mini shredded wheat this morning which got eaten and spread across the table in equal measure. Plus as a bonus it doesn’t involve loaded spoons so I get a bit of time to eat my own breakfast too. I made some Wakey Wakey Cakes the other day which Bub loved. Since they only took ten minutes to prepare and provided a spoon-free breakfast for two days I loved them too.

For lunch Bub and I will normally eat the same thing. This has to be quick to prepare as he has zero patience for being left to his own devices. As our kitchen is tiny he can’t join me there so I have to be able to dash in and out and make our food pretty speedily. So often we have bread or pasta. I’ve found that commercial baby mush makes a great spread or pasta sauce so often he’ll have that (I pass on sharing this!) Omelette is another good option. He then fills up on salad veggies and fruit and sometimes some rice cakes and baby biscuits (these can be quite tasty so sometimes I have some too – all in the BLW spirit of shared food, of course!)

Tea is much the same. I tend to have my evening meal later so I don’t eat with Bub at this time (well not too much anyway!) He’ll usually have leftovers from our previous night. One meal that went down a storm with all of us was lentil lasagne. My partner and I had this one evening and Bub polished off a generous serving the next day. It was delicious. And lentils have lots of protein so I felt quite virtuous too. If we’re out and about or our leftovers aren’t appropriate Bub may have some mushed food on a loaded spoon or some veggie wedges. Plus the ubiquitous fruit of course.

So things are definitely a fair bit easier than they were. I’m enjoying it now and feel like we’re able to meet both our needs.

The mess is still incredible and the washing machine is on every day. Most of his sleepysuits are stained, despite using many, many bibs. And Bub has just discovered the joy of deliberately dropping food too so this is likely to get worse.

I’m also yet to make a homemade purée that he likes, though he will gobble up the commercial ones any day. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here but it does make me feel less guilty about not bothering to do this very often so a silver lining there.

These two minor quibbles aside I’m really chuffed with how things are going and so glad we stuck with BLW. We are even getting the odd compliment on his prowess with finger food and developing pincer grip too so things are looking up.


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One Response to “Delicious!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Well done, our 7 month old is BLW too and it’s great that they are so independent – the mess is big, but worth it to see a happy bubba experimenting confidently with new and varied foods 🙂

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