Moving house

We are moving house this week. Leaving our home, the place where Bub was born. He was born on our bed in our bedroom. It’s a strange feeling as I do feel pretty sad to go. I’m pretty nostalgic already about his place of birth. It’s a real comfort sometimes to know it was in our home. I love to lie on the bed and think that it was here, right here, where he was born nine months ago. To make things worse we’re also getting rid of our bed so that will be gone as a connection too.

But on the positive side I think our new place is going to suit us so much better. Now Bub is crawling I really notice the lack of space, plus all the dangerous bits like the fireplaces. Our new place is hopefully much more baby friendly. Plus it has central heating (woo hoo!!) You don’t realise how important such a thing is till you live somewhere without. And it’s definitely getting colder now so we really need a proper heating system.

So packing has been stressful, the move will no doubt be pretty hellish, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Am sure I will shed a tear or two on the day we leave. But it’s nice that we’ll always have a connection to this house. Will have to bring Bub back when he’s a bit older and tell him that he was born here. Wonder what he’ll make of that?


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One Response to “Moving house”

  1. sweetbabylula Says:

    awww, we need to move to but I’m dreading it, I’ve been here more than 20 yrs! Good luck with the move, I hope it all goes smoothly.

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