Knit-tastic : What to give the babes that have everything?

I’m fortunate to have made several good friends though my NCT classes and we meet regularly. This has been fab and I’ve really appreciated their friendship as well as watching their little ones grow up. All the babes were born around the same time as each other and so are approaching their first birthdays.

We’ve agreed that we will get gifts for the little ones so I’ve now got a bit of a challenge. What to get for seven little babies, boys and girls, for their first birthday?

I’ve decided that this is a good cue for me to get my knitting needles out and make them all a little hat. It’s definitely the weather for it and I can hopefully make something nice and original that their mums will appreciate.

I’ve made the cheeky beret before from the third little Sublime hand knit book and really like it. It’s quite a big fit so should be ideal for a one year old girl. I’m going to use Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter DK yarn which gives a fair isle appearance and has been a success in other hats and gloves I’ve made.

Fair Isle hatA rather young Bub is modelling one of my crofter baby hats made before he was born. Sadly my baby boy efforts were not a patch on the baby girl ones. I just haven’t found the right pattern yet. This one here is the vintage racing helmet from the second little Sublime hand knit book. Gorgeous in the book, not quite so much when I’ve made it up. So I’m not quite sure yet what pattern I’ll use for the boys and will need to think a bit more about this. Anyone got any recommendations?


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