In praise of… the NHS

Now I have a lot to thank the NHS for, both for myself and my family. But it’s little example from this week that I want to highlight. I’m very grateful that we live in the UK sometimes.

Little Bub has got a really painful nappy rash. It came about four days ago as a side effect from a tummy upset. We’ve been trying to treat it at home but it wasn’t getting any better and looked very nasty. This morning I decided to take him to the doctor. I was a bit nervous as it seemed a bit of an overreaction – silly first time mum takes baby to doctors for nothing. But actually we rarely go and I wanted to help stop his discomfort if I could. Fortunately the doctor agreed that his rash was serious and prescribed some creams which will hopefully do the trick.

All this happened today over the course of about two hours. I phoned up and got an appointment, took Bub along, got a prescription and picked it up from the on-site chemist. And all for free. I have to say that whilst I was worried about Bub and wanted to get him help if I’d had the prospect of a significant payment for the appointment or the creams I probably wouldn’t have gone. My concern about it being a trivial appointment almost made me stay away as it was.

It’s just a little example and kind of trivial but it made me reflect on how fortunate I am to live in a country where I don’t have to worry about basic health services. If I am worried about any aspect of my baby’s health I can get advice and treatment free at the point of use. And for that I’m very grateful.


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3 Responses to “In praise of… the NHS”

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  2. Elle Says:

    I had a fantastic experience with an NHS nurse today – I too thought I was over reacting. Pregnant with my first child I went in to an Early Pregnancy Clinic because I just felt ‘odd’, I was worried, they were lovely to me and scanned me (nothing wrong) but then went the extra mile and tested me for different things, I felt rough because I had a temp of over 38 degrees and a serious kidney infection. I’m now on antibiotics; I wouldn’t have bothered if they hadn’t been so readily available and so prepared to help.

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