Returning to the day job, countdown begins

Less than a month till I return to my day job. Ooo-er. Feel both nervous and a little excited at the same time. I’m fortunate that I really enjoy my job but I will have been away for a whole year and things have moved on and I feel quite out of touch. I’m also feeling a little woolly headed and not really up to thinking on my feet. I’m going to be working full time hours but over four long days and I think that’s going to be pretty exhausting at first.

We are really fortunate as my partner will be staying home with Bub whilst I’m at work. I’m the main breadwinner so this was always going to be the case. This does take a lot of the fear out of the situation. I know that Bub will be well cared for and happy. I also don’t have to worry about getting him and to nursery before going to work. I know that this makes us incredibly lucky and softens impact of my return to work greatly.

I wish I knew more (any?) mums who go out to work whilst their baby’s dad stays at home. I know that it’s more common for both partners to work and that this is far more challenging in terms of balancing your home-work life. But I can imagine that there are some specific issues that arise for parents where traditional gender roles are swapped around. For months I’ve been Bub’s primary carer and the one who’s fed him and put him to sleep and generally done the majority of the hands on parenting. I’ve enjoyed it but also found it exhausting. I’m genuinely pleased to be able to share this much more with his daddy now. But when I return to work I’m worried I’ll be even more removed from his day to day life and don’t know how I’ll feel. Will I be totally jealous of their time together? Will I resent my partner for being at home? Or will he resent me for being at work? Will I feel that my role as mummy is being lost? I know that even in cases where most parents work it’s the mum who still does the majority of the child focused activity. This will no longer be the case for us. It’s scary right now to think about giving up that link with Bub, but something that’s going to happen.

Anyone else out there in this situation? Any advice on how to manage the transition back into full-time work?


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One Response to “Returning to the day job, countdown begins”

  1. tinyheartbeat Says:

    How is this working out for you? If we’re blessed with a second child, my Husband is going to stay at home post my maternity leave. He’s fine with it but I think his friends will give him a hard time. Guys can be such bitches when they want to be!

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