Style void mummy

The effort and interest I put into my appearance runs pretty much opposite to how much I weigh. The fatter I feel the less care and attention I put into the other aspects of how I look. When I feel slimmer I feel inspired to think about nice outfits, put together a look and have an interest in fashion. And when I am heavier I just zone out from this, try not to think about it, and live in jeans and a top. This is a pattern I’ve been locked into ever since I was a teenager. In my twenties I lost quite a bit of weight and got really into clothes and fashion – for a while my career goal was to be a stylist. But then the weight came back and I lost interest and my passion for fashion disappeared. My weight has yoyo’d quite a bit in the last ten years, from a size 12 to 20, and my interest in my appearance has done exactly the same.

I’m not quite at my heaviest right now but not far off, thanks to putting on over four stone whilst pregnant. I’m struggling to shift it and and am about two stone heavier than I was before I got pregnant. None of my old clothes fit me and aren’t likely to any time soon. For a few months I’ve been living in a small range of jeans and cheap t-shirts I bought after Bub was born. However I have resolved that this HAS TO STOP!!

I really want to break out of my habit of only caring about my style when I feel slim. This has to be the most counter-productive approach ever. When I’m slimmer I probably need to make little effort to look good. It’s when I’m larger that I need to put more time and thought into things. But clearly that’s not how I’m programmed to respond.

So whilst I am trying to get slim I’m also trying to take a lot more interest and care with my appearance. This isn’t easy with a young baby, not to mention a tiny selection of cheap clothes. Blogging has been really helpful with this, in fact it was reading a blog (Lottie Loves) that helped me realise how I let my size dictate my whole approach to my appearance. I’m going to have to get some new clothes for when I return to work in January so I’m going to try to use this as an opportunity to find my former fashionable self and try to become a bit less of a style void.

I’d love to find some more blogs to help guide me on my journey to becoming a yummy mummy. Anyone recommend some good ones?


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2 Responses to “Style void mummy”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Hi Jenny, I don’t have any advice on relevant blogs but I am going to be at the same place as you in a few weeks as I’ve put on over three stones so far in weight. I’m hoping to get back into running, not sure when I’ll be able to do that but fingers crossed for next Spring / Summer. Would be good to see what others are doing too though.

  2. Lottie Says:

    Hi Jenny, I’m so glad you have found Lottie Loves helpful. I don’t think you’re at all unsual for letting size dictate the way you feel but you must give yourself a break, you have just had a baby!!! Making an effort always helps though and Christmas is a fantastic excuse to glam up.

    Don’t forget you can buy some amazing clothes in charity shops, well worth hunting around, especially for work bits.

    I wish I could recommend some other blogs but I can’t think of any that write particularly on the lines you want. I do follow a lot of fashion blogs which are inspirational, you can find all of the blogs I follow on my page on Lottie Loves.

    If you need any advice/support then you are welcome to email me any time.

    Merry Christmas!
    Lottie -x-

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