Style void mummy belt challenge : day 1

First day of my belt challenge: can I wear a belt every day for a week over this christmas period. The aim is for me to get over my self-consciousness around wearing a belt and also perhaps look a little sharper as I put a bit more effort into my appearance. Plus see if this kind of blogging is interesting to read (and do) or whether it very rapidly becomes a big hassle.

Anyway, today is day one and also christmas eve. My mission for the day was to get my hair cut and coloured, something I do far too infrequently (and it shows.) I also had to navigate through the cold and snow and try not to slip over. Both were achieved successfully, I think.

Here I am wearing a grey empire line viscose dress from Next, a grey long sleeve top, black tights and black boots from Evans (I have big calves, that shop is my salvation!) And of course a belt, which I’ve had for years, and is worn on the empire line. Apart from thinking I look about six months pregnant (damn that baby weight) I’m quite pleased with this outfit.


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One Response to “Style void mummy belt challenge : day 1”

  1. Joanna Says:

    The hair looks fabulous, well done on the new belt challenge week. Day 1 done? Merry Christmas.

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