Style void mummy belt challenge: days 2 &3

Days two and three of my belt challenge. Can I wear a belt every day for a week over this christmas period. Of course what I didn’t account for is just how busy it is at this time. I’ve very little time for anything let alone posting a blog up. Not to mention that we are currently staying with relatives so I’m having to upload using an iPod!! That’s why my pictures are the wrong way up – afraid I don’t know how to change it. So far, so unprofessional!

Anyway, here are my pictures from Christmas day (day 2) and Boxing day (day 3).

Day 2: Floral empire line dress from Next, gold plastic belt one I’ve had for yonks (very festive!), black leggings from Evans.

Day 3: Pale blue jumper from George at Asda, grey jeans from Sainsburys, thin brown leather plaited belt of unknown provenance.

I was pleased with my choices for Christmas day. My dress was pretty and comfy and hid any baby related stains and mess. The belt really brightened it up and was really festive. My Boxing day choice was more practical as we were travelling and I’d not had a great deal of time to plan it. Was a double-belt day as I also needed one for my jeans. But still I think it worked ok.


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