Style void mummy belt challenge – day 7

Day seven of my belt challenge: can I wear a belt every day for a week over this Christmas period. The final day of my challenge – New Year’s Eve.

Went for the double today – a belt for a daytime and then an evening look. Here we are:



I’m wearing a snakeskin patterned belt (get my adventurousness!) with blue jeans and black boots. In the daytime look I’m wearing a green woollen jumper from George at Asda. In the evening I’m wearing a dress from Next. Again I was tempted to leave off the belt as I felt it looked good enough without but I’m glad that I used it after all as I think it makes for a much stronger look.

Well, that’s the end of my belt challenge. Will be doing a post about how it’s gone pretty soon. May have been the most boring set of blog posts in the world but I have enjoyed it 🙂


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One Response to “Style void mummy belt challenge – day 7”

  1. Baby buggy boat Says:

    Loving both of the belt outfits today – you rock this look!!

    Happy New Year!

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