Style void mummy belt challenge – summary

This is a look back over my seven day belt challenge. Could I wear a belt every day for a week over the Christmas period.

Firstly, a confession, I miscalculated. There are actually eight days inclusive between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. So I awarded myself a day off in the middle of the week. But to be honest by then I needed a bit of a break. Too many busy days and a baby who wasn’t that well meant I opted out of the challenge one day. But it did mean I could include all the important days so I think this is ok.

So here’s a round up of the pictures:

Day 1 - casual day

Day 2 - Christmas day

Day 3 - travelling and visiting family

Day 4 - visiting family

Day 5 - casual day

Day 6 - busy party hostess

Day 7 - New Year's Eve party

So what have I learnt?

Firstly that it’s very difficult to get good outfit photos. Taken indoors they are invariably too dark to show off the clothes. It’s even harder if you are trying to take the photo yourself (though the stretch required does lead to a more slimming photo!) It is also a real challenge to get the photos taken, uploaded and do a blog post each and every day, especially at busy times.

Secondly that I can wear a belt and have it look good. I can also wear a belt and have it look pretty meh. I’m definitely most comfortable with the empire-line belting, which is my preferred dress style anyway. I have a very short waist (and sadly no long legs to compensate – it’s all in my mega long rise…) Therefore stuff on the empire line isn’t that far off my natural waist anyway and disguises my short waist (and mummy tummy!)I used to wear lots of long tops with belts on my hips but now I’m a few pounds heavier I’m not so comfortable with this look as my hips are my biggest point. So I much prefer the higher belts, a new departure for me. I also like the wider, statement belts, which really helped to make my more dressy outfits. I think wide belts are supposed to be a no-no on a short waisted person but again the empire line move helps carry these I think. I’m also quite a convert to the belted cardigan now, which I think is a really good way to add a bit of style to a casual outfit. If you want some useful belt tips, these are fab. And here is a great blog post I found for those ‘blessed’ with a long rise.

Thirdly I’ve realised how much difference a few minutes thought makes. This challenge has made me consider my choice of clothes much more carefully than usual. I’ve tended to put my outfits together the night before and get everything out of the wardrobe ready. Much better than trying to do it in the morning with a baby round my ankles. It has only taken a few minutes but that little bit of time and effort has really made the difference. Belts or not I’m definitely going to try to do this every night from now on.

So there we have it. I’ve successfully completed my challenge and am looking back on a week where I put in a little more effort and got a lot back. I’m not going to be wearing a belt every day from now on but hopefully they’ll become a staple and frequently used part of my wardrobe. I’m also going to continue the night before outfit planning. But I’m not about to relaunch this blog as a style report or do any more challenges – it’s far too onerous and a little intrusive. But knowing the outfits would go online did help sharpen my focus so perhaps I will put the odd one up here just for fun.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different departure on this blog. Normal service (complaints about sleep and the lack of it, mainly) will resume soon.


2 Responses to “Style void mummy belt challenge – summary”

  1. I'm So Fancy Says:

    I love the belts! And thank you for coming to visit me. Us control freaks need to stick together. And accessorize more. x

  2. Vicky Says:

    Just read your belt blog 🙂 i like it. My fav day is day 6 as leggins are in atm with boots and the tops nice! just hanging out with Ashton atm and we’l be round to see you later.


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