Baby led weaning – six months in

Mmmm.... meatballs and spaghetti

It’s now six months since Bub had his first foods. He was five and a half months and it was a classy choice – a piece of orange from his daddy’s soft drink. He had the odd bit of food here and there for the next two weeks and we commenced baby led weaning properly when he was six months old.

Now he’s the ripe old age of eleven and a half months it seems right to look back over how things have gone. I must admit I found it a struggle to incorporate the demands of regular mealtimes into our previously reasonably free and easy daily routine. But after a while it became second nature and from about eight months he was having three regular meals a day.

Bub has always had pretty good hand to mouth coordination which fortunately meant he picked up BLW pretty quickly. Loaded spoons were our salvation meaning he could eat purees as well as (the generally more labour intensive) finger foods. It’s interesting to reflect on how his meals have changed. He’s not very keen on loaded spoons at all. He will take the odd spoonful of food from me but it’s currently all about the pincer grip. If the food can’t be picked up in his hands he’s frankly not that interested. It must be about mastering the skills – he’s been there done that with the spoons but the pincer grip is still being finessed so that’s what he wants to do.

He likes a lot of variety and rapidly goes off whatever is in front of him. His only ‘word’ is ‘edah’ (pronounced ‘edddddaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!???!!!!‘) which he uses to indicate that he’s spotted something he’s like to eat. Throughout meals he continually points at things around the room which he’d much rather be eating. But even if he is given them he almost immediately spots something else he’d prefer. So his meals tend to consist of a wide variety of items offered in succession.

Apart from always wanting any and everything that isn’t on his plate Bub will eat quite adventurously. He has a clear preference for spicy foods (not hot but flavoured with lots of herbs and garlic). Houmous is a good example of a food that’s quite strongly flavoured and which he loves. The only foods he’s not so keen on are vegetables. Give him a carrot stick or bit of broccoli and you can guarantee that it’s going on the floor. He will have veg that is cooked in things, or pureed, which is why we still incorporate pureed veg into quite a few of his meals.

I’ve no idea about the expected eating milestones for a ‘traditionally’ weaned baby. Therefore I’m not really in a position to speculate about whether this approach has led to different outcomes for Bub. I know that I’m hearing from many mums that their babies are refusing to be spoon fed or to eat lots of things and thankfully we aren’t facing any of those kinds of problems. And I find our meals pretty relaxing and enjoyable experiences in which I often get to eat too. And thankfully the mess has decreased markedly in the last month or two as well. So all in all a pretty positive BLW experience in these first six months.


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2 Responses to “Baby led weaning – six months in”

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  2. sarahmumof3 Says:

    I went for baby led weaning with my youngest, and found it to be a great experiance, he has and continues to be a good eater, and really enjoys a wide variety of food, I loved the simplicity of baby led weaning in that I could pretty much give him anything we were eating, and it meant he could instantly fit into our eating routines. Glad its worked well for you so far too 😀
    (by the way i found you from mummys little monkey blow your blog horn blog post 🙂

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