Baby led weaning – thoughts from a lazy mum

Looking back over six months of baby led weaning it occurred to me that I’m a pretty lazy mum. Especially when it comes to preparing solid food for Bub. But after some initial struggles I think we’ve found a bit of a groove with our food and have managed to come up with some good, quick and easy meals for Bub that are healthy and tasty and also super lazy.

If you’re new to BLW then the best introduction is the great book by Gill Rapley or the brilliant BLW forum. I definitely am not in a position to offer advice that counters these helpful resources. However I do think that sometimes BLW can give the impression that it requires complex meals to be cooked up from scratch three times a day. And though there is the option of cooking delicious home-made meals for you and your babe this is definitely not compulsory.

So if you are a lazy mum like me then how can you make BLW easier, quicker and simpler? What can you do if the idea of spending hours in the kitchen drives you to despair?

Despite my initial prejudices I’ve realised that commercial pureed baby food is an amazing cupboard staple. Yes, BLW is all about the finger foods and skipping the purees. But the purees can be added to all kinds of finger food to create more substantial meals really quickly and easily. For example puree makes a fab pasta sauce, full of veggies, cheese and meat. It also goes brilliantly with rice, noodles and spaghetti. Also great on toast, maybe under some cheese, or as a dip for breadsticks. Of course one of the central tenants of BLW is that you all eat together and this may not appeal to you as a tasty dish. But despite our best efforts we frequently don’t eat the same thing and therefore using purees is a super easy way to make up a quick and easy meal. I also find it a really easy way to get Bub to eat vegetables as despite my best steaming, boiling and roasting he rejects all veggies unless firmly disguised in his meals.

Leftovers are brilliant. We tend to eat our main meal in the evening after Bub has gone to bed. It’s not ideal but it does give us time to prepare it baby-free. But often these meals are perfect for him and it’d be a shame for him to miss out. So whereever possible we keep our leftovers for him to have the next day.

The maxim of ‘food before one is just for fun’ has been a great stress buster throughout these last six months. There are days when Bub just wants to eat and eat and others when he eats next to nothing, or nothing but raisens, for example. Realising that I don’t need to stress out and can just respect his changing preferences has been a really positive aspect of BLW.

A typical days menu might look like:

Breakfast: Weetabix, porridge or mini shredded wheat with milk and bananna, followed by some pear or grapes. Topped off with some dry Cheerios if he’s still hungry.

Dinner: Either he’ll have a bit of what I might be having, typically some pasta or a rice dish or something on toast. Or he may have some leftovers from our evening meal the night before eg meatballs, fishfingers or sausages (big favourite). Accompanied by some baby suitable crisps, breadsticks or biscuits and lots of fruit.

Tea: Pasta or rice or noodles mixed with something pureed or some bread with puree topping and cheese, served with yet more crisps/breadsticks/biscuits and then some fruit (blueberries, clementines and raisens are favourites).

He also has two bottles of formula a day, one 5 oz bottle after waking and one 7 oz bottle before bed. He may also a 2 oz bottle in the middle of the night which we only give him when he insists (about 30% of the time.)

To find out more about baby led weaning including useful recipes visit the incredibly informative baby led weaning forum.


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8 Responses to “Baby led weaning – thoughts from a lazy mum”

  1. sara Says:

    Hi, we’re also doing BLW (I have 10 month old twin boys) and like you find it to be a good fit. My boys still have at least four bottles each a day, plus sometimes one at night, and three big meals. I try to cook as much as possible, but really like your idea of using the store bought purees as sauce or dip. I honestly never thought of that! They really like almost everything I’ve given them (rutabaga being the exception!), I just had a question about how much your little one drinks during the day. Does he drink from a sippy cup? My two LOVE the sippy cup but I don’t think they actually drink anything, it’s more of a really fun game where they suck out the water then gargle and spit. It’s funny to watch, but I’m a little concerned for when I try to get them off the bottle in a couple of months!

    • jenmum Says:

      HI Sara, thanks for the comment. Bub did the gargle/spit thing for ages with his cup. He now drinks from it properly most of the time but still does the spit thing from time to time. I think he wasn’t particularly thirsty before, because he was having a lot more milk then. But now we really know when he is thirsty and he sucks it back and drinks quite a bit. I guess your little ones are just not really that thirsty. They may act differently when it’s milk in there as they may be more keen to drink it.

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  3. yorkshiremummy Says:

    Hi, how old is Bub? I’m weaning but she hates anything that isn’t pureed!

    • jenmum Says:

      He’s currently eleven months. He started on solids around 5.5 months. It’s tough when they don’t like what you want them too – same for us with lots of veggies! I guess all you can do is make yummy non-pureed stuff available and let her lead. I know Bub likes finger food partly because he can practice his pincer grip. Maybe as she gets older the desire to practice doing it herself will kick in?

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