Sleeping like a baby…

Last time I posted about sleep things were really rosy. Bub had been sleeping really well for naps and nighttime, going down happily in his cot and not even needing our presence to get to sleep.

And then of course Christmas and illness intervened. Poor lad got a really bad cold over Christmas that meant he couldn’t lie down without getting all bunged up. And of course the age old trick of propping up one end of the cot doesn’t really work with a mobile active baby who is as likely to sleep at one end as the other. In addition his top front teeth also started to come through. And what with it being Christmas we were also doing lots of visits to family and friends.

Very rapidly our sleep situation deteriorated… The only way he could fall asleep was in our arms, propped upright so that his nose didn’t get too blocked. The rocking chair became my new best friend. I got used to it taking an age and a lot of effort to get him to sleep again.

But after about seven days his cold got better and the teething stopped and the travelling about stopped. But of course he had got back into the habit of falling asleep being held and didn’t want to stop. Oh no siree.

We’ve been there and tried that with the cry-it-out (or almost-cry-it-out) approaches and won’t be doing that again. So it was down to us to find a way through this – could we get back to our old ways that were so gentle and lovely for us all.

Well it’s been about three weeks now and we’re part way there. At first Bub wanted to be rocked to sleep (and preferably held the whole night long). After he’d recovered we started to insist he go into his cot to go to sleep and stayed with him until he fell asleep. I’d rub his tummy or back if he wanted it, sing and generally do whatever I could to stop him getting upset. He’d eventually doze off. But it took a long, long time.

He also developed this annoying habit of giving every impression of being asleep but looking up to check you were still there if you moved an inch. This was really annoying at 5am when all I wanted to do was creep back into bed. I must admit I spent part of a few nights kipping on the floor of his bedroom for fear of having him protest at my leaving.

But thankfully this is all lessening. He still wants us there when he falls asleep but he’s not getting upset or unhappy and isn’t taking a huge amount of time to doze off. I sometimes have to sing to him but mostly I just lie by the side of the cot and look as if I’m asleep too. I’m hopeful that in a week or two we’ll be able to leave the room with him in bed drowsy but awake and then we’ll be back to plain sailing again. Maybe…


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One Response to “Sleeping like a baby…”

  1. tinyheartbeat Says:

    My 3 year old still does this to me but when my Husband puts him to bed he just says, ‘Night Daddy, see you tomorrow’. Those little boys are playing us like fools!

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