Ladies and gents, we have walking!

My bubby-boy is walking! He’s been doing a few tentative steps for a few weeks now. But these past few days he’s been striding out big time. Just launching off of the sofa or a wall and walking a good metre or so before either reaching the other side or dropping down. Proper steps and really so impressive. He’s so proud of himself too and so are we.

Would love to post up a video but he’s very distractable from his walking missions and every time I point the camera he forgets all about walking and just wants to grab it.

It’s amazing though as he was the last of his little friends to crawl at almost nine months. And yet he’s one of the earliest to start walking. I guess it shows there’s no particular logic to their pace of development. I just hope he delays learning to climb onto the sofa as that really will mean I need eyes in the back of my head.


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