Baby led weaning at Yo Sushi!

I love baby led weaning for many reasons, not least that we’ve never yet had any food refusal issues with Bub not wanting to eat. But I also love it because it means I can go for restaurant meals out in the day and not worry too much about what Bub might eat. I generally do take him a packed lunch but more often than not he joins in with me and eats whatever I’m having.

So it was great when we went to Yo Sushi* yesterday and shared some tasty Japanese (well, kind of vaguely Japanese influenced) food. He didn’t have any raw fish as despite him now being one this seemed a little too adventurous. But he did have loads of rice based things, noodles and edamame beans. Yum!

Watching the food go by!

His favourite bit was watching the little bowls of food go by. Cue much pointing and shouts of  ‘ed da da da!’ which in Bub language means ‘I want to eat that!’ For any BLWers out there I’d recommend giving Yo Sushi a try.


[* This post is not in any way sponsored by Yo Sushi. But if they read this and would like to bung me a free bowl of edamame beans or two I won’t be complaining!!]


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4 Responses to “Baby led weaning at Yo Sushi!”

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  2. Mummy's Little Monkey (@Jax2000) Says:

    I love reading Baby-Led weaning posts because I’m planning to try it with my youngest. How old was your son when you started??? xx

  3. jenmum Says:

    We started when Bub was five and half months. He first had some orange from his dad’s drink! I love BLW, think it’s a great way to go about weaning, much more laid back and relaxed than the scary formal weaning approach. Plus I’m sure that’s helped him be the adventurous eater he is today. Really recommend it. Good luck!

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    […] I know that talking up Baby Led Weaning this way risks idealising and overcomplicating it so, thankfully, Jenny from Don’t Wake the Baby reminded me that this really is the perfect way for lazy mums to introduce solids. She even offered a second post in which she casually lets her one-year-old indulge in some Yo-Sushi! […]

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