Pooh! And other niceties…

Apologies to those of a delicate constitution. I’d look away now if I were you. This is going to be all about pooh, or more accurately Bub’s chronic diarrhoea. Told you it wasn’t going to be to everyone’s tastes…

Don't worry, I'm not about to post up pictures to illustrate this post. So instead he's a lovely shot of Bub playing in a ball pool ūüôā

Bub has had chronic diarrhoea for about two months. He does about four poohs a day on a good day¬†and more than eight on a bad day (and night!) During¬†the good times he doesn’t have a rash or any discomfort (fortunately!) However on the bad days the frequent poohing and changing gives him a nasty nappy rash.

We think he must have a food sensitivity of some kind but are at a loss to figure out what it might be. It started about a fortnight after he stopped being breast fed (at around ten months). He started poohing about ten times a day and got the most¬†awful rash.¬†The doctor’s said it might be temporary lactose intolerance¬†triggered¬†by a bug and that he’d probably get better soon.¬† He didn’t. About a month later we went back to the doctor and¬†did a stool sample test (boy, that was fun!) He had to have lactose for a week prior to the sample being taken which¬†did lead to an increase in poohs and him having much more wind. But we found out the other day that the test has come up negative – so it looks like he’s not lactose intolerant.

Following the initial diagnosis and no sign of any recovery occuring by itself we moved him onto hypo-allergenic lactose free formula back in December.¬†Fortunately a friend had some she didn’t need so we got¬†ourselves about¬†six weeks supply.¬†This did help a great deal and he dropped back to four poohs a day and the rash went. We started to use lactose free dairy products and things were better. He’d still occasionally pooh lots more but there was no pattern we could see. However we’ve now run out of the special formula.¬† We tried moving over to¬†soya formula last week – big mistake! He started to pooh like crazy, culminating in an awful night when he poohed and¬†woke in pain every hour all night. So now he’s been drinking lactose-free cows milk and we’re back down to four poohs a day again. Not too happy about this as I’d rather him have some formula as he needs the nutrients but we can’t get the special stuff anymore and Doctor won’t prescribe as he’s apparently¬†not lactose intolerant.

Really don’t know what the problem is or why he goes so much. I’ve read about toddler’s diarrhoea where babes drink too much fruit juice but Bub has never had any. We’ve cut back on his fruit intake but I don’t want to stop it all together as it’s good for him.

If anyone out there has any ideas I’d be grateful to hear them. I’ve you’ve got similar issues and have stumbled on this blog through google then share your story in the comments. I’m at a bit of a loss on what to do next.


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2 Responses to “Pooh! And other niceties…”

  1. Dr. Zibners Says:

    Hi there! Was just reading your site for fun but feel the need to comment. Sometimes after a tummy bug a kid’s gut can be out of sorts for a couple of months until the intestines heal back up. It is vital that a kid younger than one (or really close to it!) be on formula not plain milk for a myriad of reasons, ranging from iron to kidney function and everything in between. So there is that issue. But have you made sure you are limiting his fruit intake or tried keeping a diary? Also, active culture yogurt might help his gut recolonize good bacteria. Does he have the same issue with other dairy products, like yogurt and cheese? Just some random thoughts. Hope I can be of some help!

    • jenmum Says:

      Thanks for sharing your view. Agree about not being very happy giving him cows milk. We have managed to source some more Neocate so from Monday hopefully he’ll be back on formula. Really hope this is a temporary thing that gets better soon! A diary is a good idea too. We’ve started a few times but it’s hard to keep up.

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