Going bananas

Bub has a new word. His third word. First word was ‘dada’ which he still uses interchangably for his daddy and me. His second word was ‘ed’ which morphed into ‘eda’ and then ‘edadadadadaaaaagh!!’ and is used whenever he’s spotted something he wants to eat.

And now the third word.


Which actually means banana. We know this as he points at them every morning during breakfast and shouts ‘nana!’ until he gets one. Once he’s finished this he then points and shouts at them again. For a few days his daddy was giving him up to three bananas a day. But we’ve now realised this is probably not the best thing for him and ignore his pleas and give him other things he also likes but sadly can’t say. Like grapes or blueberries.

So there we are. ‘dada’, ‘eda’ and now ‘nana’. Almost a full vocabulary I think :0)


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One Response to “Going bananas”

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    […] thing I do find odd is that when Bub was younger he did say more words. He used to say ‘edah’ and then ‘ed’ whilst pointing at food he wanted to […]

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