Cloth nappy splurge

Been on a real nappy frenzy this weekend. It all started when I spotted a set of 16 second hand but unused Bumgenius nappies on eBay. Version 4 Bumgenius no less. I was seriously tempted, even though I have a full set of birth to potty Motherease nappies and wraps. The Motherease are all very good but they are the dull, workhorse of the real nappy family. Whereas the Bumgenius are the Jimmy Choo’s. Not the best performing by any stretch of the imagination but soo lovely they are irresistible. When the price got up towards £200 I knew I couldn’t justify it though 😦

So anyway to make it up to myself I bought a more affordable four Bumgenius nappies in yellow and green from the lovely Nappy Lady. And I’ve put all my random second hand Terries, Tots Bots, Boots and other nappies and wraps on eBay for sale. I never used them as I preferred the simplicity and reliability of a full set of one nappy type so no point in keeping them.

Will know next week if I get any sales. Last time I paid more in postage than I earned so I have a poor track record with this. But a little contribution to offset my new Bumgenius stash would be nice.


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