It’s been a long time coming, certainly compared to many of his peers, but tonight my little Bub said ‘ma-ma!’ to me for the first time. It wasn’t to me as such, just in response to me saying ‘Can you say mama?’ But I think it still counts!

Bub isn’t particularly chatty and says very little, either in ‘real’ words or babbling. We know he can understand lots but he just doesn’t say much.

We often play games where we ask him where things are. His vocabulary for this is huge – clock, cat, mouse, butterfly, washing machine, train, car, apple etc. He can also understand some quite complex instructions.

So I’m not really sure why he doesn’t seem to want to try to say the words he clearly understands. But slowly we are getting there. His fourth recognisable word after ‘dada’, ‘eda’ and ‘nana’.

How lovely it is to be a mummy sometimes 🙂


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One Response to “Ma-ma!”

  1. tinyheartbeat Says:

    What a happy day for you. I read somewhere, when my boy was small, that babies under 2 don’t really understand I, he, him, her, you etc., so use sentences like…’Mama loves Bub’.

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