Throwing a party? Sadly it’s a party of throwing…

Arghhh! Amongst Bub’s many wonderful new developments (he can stack cups!!) he has got himself one really annoying new habit.

Throwing food.

He used to drop his food on the floor from time to time. However it didn’t make a huge mess and I just used to ignore it so as not to inadvertently encourage him. But now he’s learned to fling his food backwards which is MUCH messier and MUCH more irritating.

At first in a meal he eats his food quite happily. But when he gets less hungry he will suddenly decide to clear away all the bits in front of him by chucking them backwards. I try to only put a few mouthfuls in front of him at a time but he still manages to create havoc. It’s not that he’s full up necessarily as once he’s finished throwing his food he’ll settle down and eat quite a bit more. I think he just likes to clear his tray from time to time in a fun manner.

I’ve now started to tell him no, but he just looks at me like I’m joking and smiles. I’ve considered restraining him from throwing but that feels like he might see it even more as a game. I try not to put more than a few mouthfuls in front of him but he still throws even this small amount. I’m reluctant to stop his meals once he starts throwing as I don’t want him waking hungry at night….

But I’m really not sure what to do to nip this irritating habit in the bud. Any ideas or suggestions?


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3 Responses to “Throwing a party? Sadly it’s a party of throwing…”

  1. tinyheartbeat Says:

    Maybe try putting food in a little plastic bowl on the tray. Get one that has the suction hold on the end, so he can’t throw the bowl. At least you can hold the bowl down if he tries to lift it. He may be content to take things in and out of the bowl. It’s all about cause and effect at his age, if I do this – what will happen – it will pass. You’re right not to react as if he thinks it’s fun, he will just keep doing it.

  2. baj4life Says:

    My little one throws his food too. I’m considering placing a large tablecloth or piece of plastic under his chair to make clean up easier. He won’t throw his food forever.

  3. Jon Says:

    Mealtime in the bathroom, with his back to a wall of ceramic tiles?

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