Appetite for life

Bub was on super top form today. Which given he had his MMR jab yesterday is really quite remarkable.

I don’t know why he was so up but this afternoon he was really hyper-cheerful and active. Possibly it was linked to the battenburg cake his daddy gave him for lunch (wtf??!?) which might have given him a bit of a sugar rush. Whatever it was he was lovely to be with this afternoon. He was carrying his bumbo seat around, which is pretty impressive in itself as it’s quite heavy. He’d put it down, sit or climb on it, feel pleased with himself, jump off and start all over again. He’s also got an obsession with the hungry caterpillar and loves the bit where the caterpillar eats his way through the cake, ice cream, pickle, lollipop….

Actually I think what with the lunchtime cake and the hungry caterpillar he’s obviously getting as enthusiastic about food as his mummy!


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One Response to “Appetite for life”

  1. tinyheartbeat Says:

    What a cute boy! Those bumbo’s are heeeaaavvyyy, can’t believe he can walk and carry it!

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