Smug about sleep (for once!)

I’ve chronicled our sleep issues with Bub many times before. But we are currently back on sleepy cloud nine and I wanted to capture the good times before they perhaps slip away again.

Quick recap – Bub has always been a reluctant nap and night sleeper. Getting him to sleep has been torturous at times – walking, rocking, feeding, patting, singing, driving, shh-ing, even crying… You name it at some points I tried it. He’s also had periods of frequent waking, especially when being breastfed to sleep.

But now, at thirteen months, things suddenly seem all peachy. He’s going to bed usually by 9pm, sleeping all night and waking at 9am. Plus in the day he’s taking a 2-3 hour nap. Wow! Who’d have thought it?

We have had to modify our approach to getting him to sleep in the last few weeks as we ran into some issues after a Christmas time illness blew his sleep routine totally off course. We were putting him into bed and then lying next to him (on the floor by the cot) and singing or talking to him till he dropped off. This was because he’d scream blue murder if we left him before he was asleep. But this wasn’t working so well and Bub’s daddy decided on a new approach. So now we put him in the cot (after milk and a story) and potter about the room for a minute or two. We leave the room, all the while chatting away, and leave the door half open. We potter about upstairs, talking to him but out of sight, until he begins to amuse himself in his cot. Sometimes we help this along by asking him to say ‘dada’ or ‘mama’ which seems to get his brain whirring and helps him forget to be annoyed he’s alone in bed. After he’s quiet we can creep away and a few minutes later he’s almost always asleep.

It’s amazing!

It doesn’t always work, especially when he’s teething. Sometimes if he wakes at night and wants comforting we need to stay in next to his cot for a fair while. But this isn’t very often and only really if he’s got teeth coming through.

But whilst I’m in smug mummy mode shall I tell you the best bit? If he wakes early in the morning he usually amuses himself quietly till we come to get him at 9am.

What a little hero!!

Don’t hate me though – I’ve definitely suffered my fair share of rough nights and sleep deprived days. See this as a glimmer of hope, maybe, that it can and does get better, sometimes far better than you ever imagined it could be 🙂


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One Response to “Smug about sleep (for once!)”

  1. Fishfingers for tea Says:

    Excellent! It’s a great feeling when they finally start to sleep better. We had a lot of problems with Miss P, 4 hours a night was a good night but now, at 14 months, she sleeps 12 hours a night. We have to sit with her until she drops off but as it only takes 15 minutes max, it’s really not an issue. I’m really pleased for you, happy sleeping 🙂

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