Super clever or first signs of madness?

Just come back from a last minute weekend away, relaxing in a cabin in Devon. I say cabin but it was better equipped than our house. Large kitchen, flat screen tv, two bathrooms, dishwasher, washing machine, garlic press… You name it this cabin had it. Well, all except a hot tub, which would have been nice but sadly was a little over budget.

Anyway, in addition to all these marvellous mod cons it also had two wooden model cats. Bub was playing with them loads, in part because we forgot to bring him any decent toys. Anyway on Saturday morning he accidentally bumped his head on one and cried. I comforted him and all was well. However he then grabbed the cat and bumped it deliberately to his head again. And cried again. I put the cat down and he walked up to it, bent down and effectively head butted it. And cried again. This repeated itself several more times.

It was really weirdly surreal to watch. A one year old repeated head butting a wooden cat and crying. In the end I put the cat away and decided it was probably time for an early nap!

I hope that this was just a cautionary lesson in cause and effect. I’m a little afraid however that we may look back on this moment as his first signs of madness. Surely there are easier ways to learn about consequences?!

So tell me, what odd things has your little one done, all in the name of experimentation?


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