The Gallery: Hair

Another go at The Gallery for me. Haven’t been that good at putting pictures up on this blog. However I am now saved as Bub’s daddy has bought himself a new camera and is keen to use it so I now have no excuse not to take part each week.

This week’s theme was a tough one as Bub is too little to have had a hair cut (self administered or otherwise) or any hair adventures. However we’re not that far off as his hair seems to have suddenly started getting much longer and thicker. Here to demonstrate are two pictures, the first from about six months ago and the second from this weekend. He’s gone from almost completely bald to having a really lovely head of blonde shiny hair.

Aww, gorgeous!


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10 Responses to “The Gallery: Hair”

  1. Bev Says:

    gorgeous lil blonde, my Levi was the same, he had no hair for ages and now he has a big curly mop of it!

  2. mumfordandsons4real Says:

    your right simply gorgeous

  3. Jacq Says:

    I love those wispy baby curls, so cute!

  4. Inside the Wendy House Says:

    Aww cute!

  5. Mom-on-a-Wire (Alethea) Says:

    Oh sweet! Lots of bald babies mentioned to day . . . but they all get hairy eventually ;-)!

  6. mummy D Says:

    oh my. he is soooo cute. And he has hair! it’s just that it is soooo blonde so you notice it less 🙂

  7. Herding Cats Says:

    Such a cutie and what great hair!

  8. Mummy V Says:

    Oh they are gorgeous! Love the delight on his face in that second one x

  9. tinyheartbeat Says:

    Loving the blonde locks. I cut #1 son’s hair myself for first 3 years. Recently I took him to Mothercare for his first official haircut, he sat through it fine but when I told him it was time for another haircut, he said “No, that’s fine, I already got my hair cut”. It was a reasonable response, so I let it go.

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