I see a sign!

Bub and I did two terms of Sing and Sign before I went back to work and we had to quit. And today we got our first sign. Hurrah!

We often play games asking him where this is or where that is. And today he started to do the ‘where’ sign as he was looking for something. He did it several times throughout the day so it wasn’t a fluke. We say ‘where is the xxx’ and he wanders round looking for it, waving his hands in front of him palm upwards as he searches. It kind of looks like an exaggerated shrug.

He’s not really saying any words at the moment so this is even more special. His previous ‘dada’, ‘mama’, ‘ed’ and ‘nana’ have all merged into a universally applicable ‘urgh!’ Generally accompanied by a pointed finger. He’s turned into a teenager already.

Other friends who have done signing said their babies quickly began to do loads of signs once they started so I’m looking forward to what might be next.


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2 Responses to “I see a sign!”

  1. I'm So Fancy Says:

    Amazing how all babies know what “urgh!” means! Thanks for popping by. If you don’t make it up this week or next, I’ll pass you back to Molly too. Response is great and we’ve got our work cut out for us. Thank you!!

  2. Fat Mummy Says:

    i always thought about doing the sing and sign with my first baby – must be so exciting when they start actually doing it for themselves!

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