And this is what’s annoying

Following up on my last post, in which I reflected on the joys of my life right now, I feel it might be time to redress the balance.

So here’s some things that irk me right now…

Annoyed that I’m carrying so much post baby weight and can’t seem to shift it.
Annoyed that the Tories are cutting every positive public service going.
Annoyed that it’s hot and my car has no air con and the window is broken.
Annoyed that my work are making me give up working from home and shift into the office.
Annoyed that I never get round to blogging often enough.
Annoyed that our garden has lots of stinging nettles which despite our efforts just keep coming back.
Annoyed that the Royal Wedding is inevitably all over the media.

Hmm, well. Not really a great deal to moan about really. Except the baby weight bit. That really does bother me. But all in all really I guess right now all is good. Long may it stay thus way 🙂


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