Running into trouble

Oh dear. Been meaning to blog here for a while about my new found (re)interest in running. But left it so long I’ve now suffered a humiliating failure at my running group and got an achey leg and may have to give it a rest for a while.

So there we go, a habit formed and enjoyed and then partially lost, all in between posts.

This means that this isn’t my planned very upbeat and positive tale about how I ran FOR TWENTY FIVE MINUTES NON-STOP for the first time ever. Instead it’s about my total embarrassment last night at the local mum’s running club I recently joined.

The group is very friendly and all beginners. They are working through something very similar to c25k and increasing the minutes ran each week. I am definitely the least fit and heaviest but I’m not bothered about being last. Well, not too much. But last night it all went horribly wrong. My pace is slow at the best of times but I think I’ve hurt my leg a bit so last night I was extra slow. And I was at the back getting slowly further and further separated. And normally the woman who runs it is super encouraging and never leaves me behind. But this time I was getting slower and slower and eventually the group went out of sight round a corner and as I got round – oh no! I was lost. Not a major issue as I knew I’d be able to get back but wasn’t 100% sure of the way. I walked for a while hoping to spot something familiar. Until eventually one of the runners drove by, picked me up and then dropped me off at the end in front of all the other runners!! How humiliating. Not only being the slowest but being so slow and rubbish I have to finish in a car 😦

Not the glamourous mummy runner image I’d wanted to cultivate.

Anyway I don’t know if I can go back again now. I’m keen to keep running but the group are sadly too good for me right now. I think I need to rest my leg a while and keep practicing on my own. At least with just me on my own I’m always first regardless of how slow I am!! And hopefully in the future when I’m a little fitter and faster I can rejoin the group.

Am still super proud I managed 25 minutes though, I’ll never forget that, something I thought I’d never do. 🙂


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4 Responses to “Running into trouble”

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    […] Successfully completed a short run and didn’t end up limping home. First time in about a month. Thank goodness my calf injury seems to be getting better. A much better state of affairs than last time when I had to stop halfway and limp home. And definitely better than the cringeworthy previous run that resulted in me getting so far behind I got lost and had to be collected by car. […]

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    […] time around although I had some setbacks at first I am so glad I persisted. I love the flexibility if just pulling on my trainers and going. […]

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