No tears? Yes tears :(

Bub loves nothing better than carrying bottles and jars around, stacking them here and there. He especially lives the bathroom and all the shampoos and shower gels. Usually it’s not a problem, just a matter of scooping every thing up when he’s finished. Bit sometimes he puts something away somewhere you can’t easily find it. At the moment this includes his no tears baby shampoo. He has put it somewhere, perhaps down behind the bannisters, and I can’t find it anywhere.

Anyway, he definitely needed his hair washing tonight and so I had to bite the bullet and use some adult shampoo. Was a toss up between pantene 2in1 or lime shower creme so I plumper for the pantene. And then found put why they make special no tears formulations. Poor Bub wasn’t happy at all 😦 However he was soon distracted by his marvellous Buzz Lightyear bath toy and cheered right up again. Really must find the baby poo soon though, don’t want to have to do that again.


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