And relax……

Been lucky enough to get some time out for myself today. Attended a three hour workshop on yoga for relaxation and stress relief at Bristol YogaSpace. I even persuaded two of my sisters to come along too. I really enjoyed it and thought the pace and style of the class was just right. I’ve not been taught by this teacher before (Clara Lemon) or been to the venue but it all worked out well.

I’ve finally learnt the name of the yoga style I seem to most like (viniyoga) and so was able to tell this might be up my street. It’s strange that it’s taken me so long to find out my own preferred style as I’ve done quite a bit of yoga, including the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course. But my Foundation course teacher, whose style I loved, never defined her approach. And then I relocated and had to build up my network of yoga teachers from scratch again. But thankfully now I can put a name to what yoga style I currently prefer I can seek out similar classes when I do get time. Other teachers in this area who are similar in approach include Vivian Tallis (my wonderful active birth teacher) and Naomi Hayama. Both of whom I highly recommend in you’re after a great yoga teacher in Bristol.

Sadly I don’t get to go to many classes at the moment. But I do try to practice at home when I can. I’d love to do yoga more regularly and hopefully one day take the teaching diploma. But one step at a time. For now I’m just glad I’ve been able to add another teacher to my growing roster of Bristol teachers I know that I like.


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