Another false start

Tried to restate my brief running career again tonight. It’s been about two weeks since my last embarrassing run when my lingering calf injury (and general lack of fitness) forced me to stop. Well sadly it came back almost immediately and I had to cut my run short. Actually felt a ‘pop’ in my left calf followed by an increase in pain. So I limped home… Again….

I had hoped it’d be different this time as I’d bought myself some proper running shoes. In the shop they videoed me running on a treadmill to check what support I need. Apparently I have some over pronation where my foot leans inwards and my arches are weak. The shoes I got do offer support so I hoped I’d be ok. However I only managed two lots of five minutes before having to stop.

I really hope this can be sorted out. I am enjoying running along at my slow pace. Listening to music and jogging slowly through some nice, flat areas near our home has been surprisingly pleasant. And I feel a real sense of achievement afterwards. So this is proving quite frustrating. Am booked to do Race for Life in July but at this rate I’ll be lucky to walk it.


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2 Responses to “Another false start”

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    […] calf injury seems to be getting better. A much better state of affairs than last time when I had to stop halfway and limp home. And definitely better than the cringeworthy previous run that resulted in me getting so far behind […]

  2. Countdown to Race for Life « Don't wake the baby! Says:

    […] ups and downs since, including a nagging injury that I foolishly didn’t slow down for until far too late requiring total running abstinence for about three weeks. But I’ve learnt to take things a […]

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