An all adult affair (for once)

Bub’s daddy and I had our first proper evening out together since he was born. Sixteen months ago. Shocking I guess when you think about it that way. We have both gone out separately and gone out together in the day. But Bub was always such a pain to get to sleep in the evenings we never dared risk it with a babysitter before.

But last night we did go out and had a great evening. Met a friend and went to an audience with the director John Waters. He was selling and signing books too so we got a copy of his latest book about his role models. I’m not the biggest fan of his films but he’s a fascinating guy and really entertaining to listen to. We then had a meal out and arrived back to find Bub fast asleep. 🙂

Well done to my Dad and two of my sisters for their sterling babysitting work. A meal, bath, bottle and bed. All done very smoothly. Except somehow Bub seems to have learnt how to sip his water and deliberately spit it out again. All in one evening. Seems a but coincidental to me. I wonder what on earth they did to teach him that?


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