Behind the parenting curve

I’m starting to wonder if we should be doing something about helping Bub get ready for potty training. At sixteen months I know he’s too young to be properly doing it but I’m getting a bit paranoid that we should be familiarising him with the concept at least. I’ve heard that you can do quite a bit to help them get used to the idea: have a potty around, talk and read about it, and play games with it. We don’t even own a potty at the moment.

The reason my paranoia has appeared is because Bub’s cousin, who is almost exactly his age, apparently used her potty for a wee recently. Pretty impressive stuff. She has a potty and she has half an idea what to do with it. I now feel like we’re behind the curve on this one.

I’m finding a few developmental things sneaking up on us at the moment. I read on a baby website that by 13 months toddlers can use crayons to draw with. It had never even occurred to me to give Bub a crayon. So he’s three months behind on developing his drawing, all thanks to my slack parenting. We got some crayons today though and he had a good old draw, though he did spend more time trying to eat the crayons than draw with them… I do now have his first drawing to treasure though, which is fab.

So any tips out there on early potty training? What should we be doing now and when should we think about starting ‘proper’ training? And are there any other toddler activities we should be trying with our Bub?


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    […] just looked back through this blog and it was a year ago today I first wrote wondering if I was behind the curve by not yet considering potty training. This was because Bub’s girl cousin of the same age was already getting started. She’s […]

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