Swallowing stuff

How lovely to spend a whole day with my son. Bank holidays are fab. Although Bub was being a real monkey today. This morning he was playing with the wardrobe when I spotted him pick up something white, pop it in his mouth, and run off. I chased him but in the few seconds it took to reach him the white object had disappeared. No idea if he swallowed it, spat it out, or if it was all just a figment of my imagination.

I sat him on my knee and told him quite sternly that he mustn’t eat things off the floor. Fascinatingly whenever we have these little chats he just won’t look at my face. He’s squirming and wriggling and won’t ever look at me. But clearly something penetrated because he spent the entire rest of the day, yes you guessed it, popping every single tiny thing off the floor in his mouth. It did get very old very quickly!

I am still not sure if he did actually swallow anything. I’m not sure what it might have been. The Babycentre website came into it’s own at that moment as I did a quick google search as to whether I should be panicking, racing to A&E or whatever. But apparently as long as whatever they’ve swallowed has gone down smoothly and isn’t choking them not much can be done. It’ll just pass on through in due course (yuk!) Metal is a bit more worrying and batteries are definitely A&E time. But I’m confident it wasn’t either of those things. I guess it’s just a matter of wait and see if anything comes out the other end (double yuk!!)


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