Send in the troups

Back to work today for me after a lovely long weekend with Bub. And much as I enjoy his company it was also a bit of a relief to get a break from full on toddler watch. Bizarre that my work days are just about as near as I get to off duty these days but that does seem to be the case. Bub is increasingly funny and cute. But he’s also increasingly toddler-ish. He’s climbing everywhere, getting frustrated when he can’t do what he wants, opening drawers and eating random stuff – basically into all kinds of mischief.

Fortunately reinforcements are just around the corner. Bub’s grannie is arriving tomorrow to stay for a few days. Luckily she’s a wonderful mother-in-law, always happy to help with Bub and occasionally if we are lucky to cook the odd meal too. Plus she never tells us what to do, even when we embark on things like baby led weaning which are a long way off what she did with her kids.

I know I’m very lucky to have such a supportive MIL. Only a shame she lives quite far away so isn’t able to see Bub more often.

How do you get on with your in laws? Did it change when you had kids? How do you handle disagreements about parenting matters?


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