Back on track

Successfully completed a short run and didn’t end up limping home. First time in about a month. Thank goodness my calf injury seems to be getting better. A much better state of affairs than last time when I had to stop halfway and limp home. And definitely better than the cringeworthy previous run that resulted in me getting so far behind I got lost and had to be collected by car.

So I’m back and hopefully will get to complete the local 5k race for life in early July.

It’s been an interesting experience. I do quite a bit of yoga and have learnt to try to listen to my body during my practice. But somehow that didn’t translate to my running where I tried to use my new found enthusiasm to push my body beyond where it was ready to go. I think I’m going to need to be really careful going forward not to overreach. I feel like I’m running very slowly (and almost definitely am very slow) but as I get used to it and especially given how heavy I am this is just how it’s going to have to be. Running before you can walk, as they say, won’t really get me very far.

For anyone who’s interested I’m following the cool running couch to 5k plan (#c25k).


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