NCT I thank you

A lovely evening out tonight with some of my old NCT buddies. It’s been well over eighteen months since we first met and I love that we still make time to meet up occasionally.

I’d really recommend NCT classes to any new mum to be. I thought the educational side was pretty good but for me it was the social angle that really made it so worthwhile. Like any new group it was a little bit awkward at first but we soon bonded and then got on really well. For most of our maternity leave we met almost every week. Having a group of mum friends at almost exactly the same stage as you is fab. Particularly a group you’ve been with from the start. We share all kinds of fairly intimate stuff, our worries and concerns, in a way I don’t think I would with a mum I’d not known from the start. Plus seeing our babies grow up side by side is wonderful. Sharing our experiences was a great way to realise I wasn’t alone.

So big thumbs up to NCT. Thanks!


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