Positively hanging

With a title like this, based on previous posts, you probably think this is going to be about Bub’s latest escapades climbing up and swinging from the mantelpiece. (And yes he does do this!) However you’d be wrong.

While grannie is here Bub’s daddy and I have gone positively wild, by our recent standards. Evenings out with friends, morning lie-ins, all topped off by a mate’s wedding yesterday. The wedding was wonderful, it was great to spend almost an entire day with friends and baby free.

But I’m paying for it today I think. I’ve been insisting all day my shaky and achey limbs and sore throat are clearly impending flu. But no-one else believes me. It wasn’t that I drank a huge amount, more that I got dehydrated in the hot sun (and, well, maybe the copious amounts of Pimms and lemonade didn’t help!)

Is this what a hangover feels like once you’re a mum? Ten times worse than pre-pregnancy? It’s a bit sad that I’ve waited sixteen months (plus of course not drinking during pregnancy) to find out. If this is the case then I think no thanks, I’ll go back to being the designated driver every time.

Sadly grannie has now gone home and we are back to coping alone. Bub’s under the weather too, teething and generally not sleeping too well. So this approaching week is not looking all that fun, so far. I hope what they say about hangovers lasting two days once you’re a certain age isn’t true….


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