Does size matter? Some weighty considerations

Why is weight at the root of so many things? So many women are pre-occupied with their own weight, getting skinner, reducing the space they take up in the world. And simultaneously so many mums (not necessarily the same women) are obsessing about their baby’s weight. This time worrying that they’re not gaining enough quickly enough. Believing that for women (and girls) low weight = good, but high weight = health for their baby. I wonder at what stage these views flip over?

Food and sleep seem to be the areas most baby books focus on. They are areas on which mums are encouraged to believe they can and should exert control. We certainly tried to influence Bub’s sleep, which is maybe why food wasn’t ever so much of a concern. That and probably cos I discovered baby led weaning and deliberately tried not to stress or control.

But worries, unfounded or not, about baby’s weight or food intake can be really stress inducing for many mums. I’ve
previously expressed my concerns
about health visitors unhelpfully stoking these fears. But our societal obsession with weight is clearly playing a part here too.

I’m not sure what the answer is. Clearly good advice on breastfeeding and weaning is important. Plus a more hands-off ‘focus on the important stuff’ stance from health visitors. As a baby led weaning aficionado I also believe this lends itself to a healthier approach (mentally and physically) to first foods.

What do you think?


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One Response to “Does size matter? Some weighty considerations”

  1. Kate Says:

    I believe BLW absolutely helps to develop a healthy attitude. Not to mention being a more laid back approach. I’ve heard a lot of comments about the importance of ‘just getting the food down them’. From other parents but also from HVs. That’s not something I agree with.

    My LO eats really well (she skipped the playing with food section & went straight to swallowing!) but with BLW that’s her choice. I hope I can teach her to love food and develop good eating habits.

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